new tumblr

new tumblr

new tumblr

my new tumblr.

out of the hospital as of a few hours ago(where did those 10 days go???)psych wards are fun. suicide is not. i’m not dead. yay. etc. etc. (no really i am very grateful and happy. life is good. i feel better than i have in years.) anyway. 

here’s my new tumblr.

I miss my piano…..


next time you want to call a girl a slut give her a highfive instead

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i’m in love with 2 girls and one is in love with a guy and one is in love with meth and heroin and i think i need to regain control of my life but things are very confusing right now……

my new tumblr(?) please follow it if you are following me on here b/c i’ll be deleting this soon (i’m going to follow most of the people i’m following on this tumblr tomorrow or the next day/ when i have a decent interwebs connection)…..anyway, here’s the link to my new tumblr/ the url…….

finished making my new tumblr….i’m not sure if i should post the url or tell people to message me if they want the url or what? thoughts?

i think i like north carolina.

yesterday a girl (a girl with incredibly short, incredibly hair) bought me a green smoothie and today a girl (a girl with really nice eyebrows)gave me a free pack of djarum blacks (clove cigarettes), and also her phone number, which i probably won’t call, even though she was very nice….

bad things happened in between those good things, but i still think that i like it here better than a lot of other places. plus, i found a sea-shell the size of my face the other day, which was pretty cool.  

Anonymous asked:
good luck at the doctor's, i really hope they tell you everything is fine!

i’m getting another(more serious/deeper) biopsy a few days after i get back from north carolina(temporarily)… thank you (so much)!!!! i hope so too….

i’ve made a new tumblr and intend to delete this tumblr tomorrow or the day after tomorrow…. umm…i don’t know, i just thought i should state it publicly or something.


did u know people have been proposing gender neutral pronouns literally since the 19th century. the word thon was invented in 1884 and was in funk and wagnell’s standard dictionary til the late 60s…please do not pretend that gender neutral pronouns are a wacky and grammatically unfounded recent phenomenon 

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it would be really cool if people stopped messaging my tumblr url to my little brother, and if people stopped messaging my little brother’s tumblr url (and twitter/instagram/etc.) to me. i think i’m being incredibly clear about what i’m trying to say here, so there should be no misunderstanding at this point.


in the process of making a new tumblr (deleting this one soon) and making a list of people to follow from the ones i currently follow….